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BS 7671 Form Filling Features


Auto-filling Circuit Reference Numbers

Our software can fill our circuit reference numbers automatically.

Just select the type of numbering you require:

  • Single Phase numbering (1, 2, 3, 4, etc),
  • 3 Phase Method A (as shown below),
  • Or 3 Phase Method B (1L1, 1L2, 1L3, 2L1, 2L2, 2L3 etc).

Choose how many circuits you wish to fill and the rest is done for you.


Note: You can auto-fill continuation sheets and Sub Distribution Board forms circuit ref numbers in the same way.


Auto-fill Circuit Details


Filling in circuit details can be a tedious job.  So to save time, our software allows you to store commonly used circuit values to quickly select from, modify and transfer to the form.


The software comes pre-loaded with domestic, industrial and commercial circuits.  You just select from the list, and modify, then click the “Use” button to add the data to the form.




The screenshot below shows the domestic circuit list.  Lighting 1St Floor circuit has been selected.

The lighting circuit values are displayed above.  In this example, the CPC Live value is being changed. 

Then either click “Use” button to add the data to the certificate, or “Save and Use” to add the data to the cert and save/update the stored circuit data.



  • You can switch to view Industrial or Commercial circuits by clicking the “Select Circuit Type” buttons
  • The “Calc MaxZs” button displays red if the Max ZS value needs to be re-calculated.
  • You can create/modify as many circuits as you like.  The circuits are auto-displayed alphabetically.
  • You can display circuits in capitals or lower-case.


Auto-filling 3-phase circuits


There is the facility for adding 3-phase circuits to the certificate.  Choose the circuit type you want, modify the circuit description, choose “Three Phase” option (shown in red box below).


The 3 phases of data are populated onto the form.  You can alter details for each phase separately using the dropdown boxes, as shown below.


Note: To alter the circuit descriptions, close the circuit wizard screen with the red cross after it opens, then alter circuit description manually.

Auto Date Wizard


Quickly add dates to the certificates, with our handy Auto Date Wizard tool.












Auto insert ticks or N/As to blank fields in Inspection Schedule.

This handy tool allows you to populate the inspection schedule blank spaces with N/As or ticks very quickly.

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Time Saving Form Features


Add your company logo automatically

Add your electronic signature

Client and Site Database

Calculate Maximum Zs values

Merge Continuation Sheets and Sub Board pages into main cert.

Save forms to cloud

Email PDF certificates to your customers