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Electrical Contractor's Office

Health and Safety Module
 Includes Risk Assessment Creator (RAMS) Creator,
Covid-19 Documentation, Health and Safety Policies and more!

Our Health and Safety software includes a range of documentation including our popular RAMS Risk Assessment Software that makes it very easy to produce professional RAMS risk assessments quickly.  It's easy to pick up and use and is our most popular selling product today.  What's more, we pride ourselves in providing great after sales phone/onscreen training  and customer technical support. 

Software Includes:

  • Risk Assessment RAMS Creator

  • Staff Instruction sheets

  • Company Premises Health and Safety Policy Template

  • Company Site Health and Safety Policy Template

  • Health and Safety Inspections Check List

  • Accident Report Form

  • Near Miss Report Form

  • Employee Safety Training Record Sheet

  • Employee Equipment Issue Record Sheet

  • Vehicle and Plant Defect Report

  • Time Planners for Safety Events

Covid-19 Documentation:

  • Covid-19 Risk Assessment as part of Risk Assessment Creator (see below)

  • Covid-19 Employee Guidance

  • Covid-19 Employer Instruction Sheet

Risk Assessment Creator

80+ prefilled risk assessment templates that can be made site specific.


  • Create Unlimited RAMS Documents for Your Trade.

  • Add your own company logo to the front page of the finished PDF.

  • Add electronic signatures to each risk assessment automatically.

  • Store and enter customer details with our integrated client and site database.

  • A company logo facility to tailor the design to your company.

  • Project builder - allowing you to select risk assessments to build up a finished PDF project to email to the client.

Each risk assessment includes:

  • colour coded risk ratings to demonstrate the risk level before and after controls have been carried out.

  • the measures taken to reduce the risk.

  • detailed header information on each risk assessment containing assessor name and signature

  • person(s) responsible

  • person(s) at risk


The software builds a detailed project information sheet containing:

  • Work Location

  • Start / End Dates

  • Scope of work to be carried out

  • Staff Information

  • Method of Work

  • Completion of works and waste disposal

  • COSHH and PPE requirements.

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Note on any Asbestos risk

  • Log of Assessment Review Dates

Click to view a sample risk assessment project.


Risk before and after controls have been implemented

The Stepladders risk assessment below shows the risk before controls  of personnel falling off stepladders as 16.  This is the risk rating given if controls are not followed.  If controls are adhered to the risk after controls is reduced to 8.


Risk Assessments included in software

Click on blue risk assessments to view examples

Sample Project Risk Assessment created with the software

Click to open an example of a finished PDF Risk Assessment created with the software.
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