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Health and Safety
Risk Assessments RAMS

Form Filling Simplified


Office Letters & Docs

Job Management

Company Policies

Advanced Electrical Designing

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Electrical Contractor's Office

Office Letters and Docs  Module

 Suppliers Correspondence

 Accounts Correspondence

 Client Correspondence

  • Complaint acknowledgement

  • Quotation letter

  • Receipt of order acknowledgement

  • Work starting date notification

 Employers Correspondence

  • Accident report

  • Conditions of employment full-time

  • Conditions of employment part-time

  • Disciplinary first warning

  • Disciplinary second warning

  • Disciplinary third warning

  • Dismissal notice

  • Employee file

  • Employee recruitment reply to successful candidate

  • Employment contract adjustment

  • Expenses reimbursement form

  • Holiday wall chart

  • Holiday entitlement form

  • Holiday request and reply form

  • Lateness 1 first warning

  • Lateness 2 second warning

  • Lateness 3 final warning

  • Redundancy notice

  • Reply to employee complaint

  • Reply to leave of absence request

  • Salary increase cost of living rise

  • Salary increase following regrading

  • Suspension with pay

  • Suspension without pay