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lth and Safety Software including important Covid-19 Risk Assessments.
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Welcome to Hollycroft Software Ltd

Hollycroft Software help contractors produce their professional looking documentation quickly and easily.  We produce a range of software for many trades, including Electrical, Health and Safety, Plumbing and Heating, Construction and Renewables including Heat Pumps, Solar PV and ECO PAS2030:19 Software.

Our Electrical Contractor's Office package, combines 3 packages in one: Form Filling Simplified, Multi Trade Health and Safety Software and Advanced Electrical Designing Software plus Job Management, Office Letters and Documents, Company Policy templates and Estimating. 

Electrical Contractor's Office Software
Our best selling package
Now with BS 7671 18th Edition Amendment 2 Certification

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Health and Safety Simplified Software (95)
Including (RAMS) Risk Assessment Creator
Covid-19 Documentation

  • 80+ prefilled risk assessment templates + Covid-19 risk assessment.

  • Updated Method Statement template.

  • Create unlimited RAMS documents for your trade.

  • Colour coded risk ratings.

  • PPE and COSHH requirements

  • Company Health and Safety Policies

  • Staff Instruction Sheets

  • Direct line access to excellent technical support

  • Personalise with your company logo.

    Annual Subscription Service Cost is 50.00 (optional)

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ECO PAS 2030:19 (2035) SOFTWARE

   with Quality Assurance Manual

Includes our Multi Trade Health and Safety Simplified package

Designed according to PAS 2030:2019 standards and Green Deal Code of Practice guides.

The software includes:

  • Forms, lists and records

  • Detailed Quality Assurance Manual

  • Designed in Microsoft Word and Excel, the software helps installers complete their forms on screen, save a record of the entire installation for their files and finalises the project with a professional Operations guide and Handover pack.

  • Ability to automatically add your company header across all forms in package

  • Retrofitting Dwellings /ECO PAS 2030 software complies with latest PAS 2030: 2019 and PAS 2030: 2017

  • Plus Gas Provider and Gas Installer Forms

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Advanced Electrical Designing Software (49)

  • Cable Sizing, Conduit Sizing, and Trunking Sizing Calculators 

  • Load Diversity Calculator

  • Electrical Drawing Tool and other useful features

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Form Filling Simplified Software
Now with BS 7671 18th Edition Amendment 2 Certification


Annual Subscription Service Cost is 75.00 annually  (optional)

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Renewables Software

All Renewables packages include our Multi Trade Health and Safety Simplified package.


Gas Forms Simplified

  • Landlord Home Owner Gas Safety Record 

  • Gas Warning Safety Notice

  • Gas Services Maintenance Checklist

  • Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate

  • Continuation Sheet

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Other Software Options
  • Electrical Contractor's Office without Form Filling Simplified 
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  • Electrical Contractor's Office with Solar PV Simplified.   
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Are you just starting off in contracting?   Our software is ideal for start ups to get up and running quickly. This includes free telephone onscreen training. Please contact us or call 01455 891869.


Are you a previous customer of Hollycroft Software?
Please call us on 01455 891869 for special terms


Electrical Contractor's Office Renewables 
Only 795 (Saving over 1000)

Includes all of our software in one package


Why choose Hollycroft Software?

Our software products install and operate locally on your machine, so do not require an internet connection to function.

The software come with an excellent free help line including:

Free help in customising the software, by inserting your logos and electronic signatures 
This makes in particular the Certificates and Reports look very professional and with your electronic signatures added you can send them out via the internet.

Free online help
in for both technical and IT Advice.

Free on line help in getting the most out of the software



All of our software comes with a 2 machine licence as standard, allowing you to work remotely on site and upload your work to the cloud (OneDrive, DropBox etc)
  When you buy Hollycroft Software, you don't just get the software, you get electrical and technical expertise.  We don't operate telephone switch boards.  You get through to the person you need directly.
  We are confident you will be delighted with the software.  If not, there is a no quibble
14 day option for a full refund.

  You own the software for life.  It doesn't expire or have a monthly fee or usage limit.

It doesn't require an Internet connection to operate so will work fine off-line or abroad.

After 12 months, you have the option to renew your licence for a further 12 months at a much lower rate. (See order form for details)

We work closely with our customers and try to implement their suggestions into our future updates.


Software Licence

When you buy the software we will keep the software up to date for 12 months and have access to our free help line for technical or IT matters.

Then after 12 months you have the option of joining our annual Subscription Service. To enjoy all the benefits as detailed above. The cost of joining the Annual Subscription Service is shown in each of the software products.

On your 12 Months Anniversary of you purchasing the software we will email you giving you the various options of join the subscription service

However joining the Subscription Service is optional and the software will continue to operate but will gradually get out of date with the BS and government legislations.



Running the software on a Mac
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