Form Filling

 Complete your BS compliant certification (BS 7671, BS 5839, BS 5266, PAT) quickly and efficiently.

The software includes the following innovative features to greatly speed up form filling:

Circuit Template Wizard for BS 7671 Certificates

Add pre-stored circuit values to the form in seconds.

Lets you modify and save your own domestic, industrial and commercial circuit lists to save constant retyping.


NEW: Sign All button
Fill  all name, position, signature, date, and company address details in a single click.

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Circuit Ref. Number Wizard

With a couple of clicks you can now auto fill Circuit Reference numbers onto the certificate!  Includes single phase and 3 phase numbering.
This saves a lot of repetitive typing.




Auto Date Wizard


Quickly add dates to the certificates, with our handy Auto Date Wizard tool.


  Auto insert ticks or N/As to blank fields in Inspection Schedule.

This handy tool allows you to populate the inspection schedule blank spaces with N/As or ticks very quickly.



Store Electroic signatures for each staff member



Click below to view video demo filling an industrial certificate


Click below to view video demo filling a domestic certificate


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Time Saving Form Features


Add your company logo automatically

Add your electronic signature

Client and Site Database

Calculate Maximum Zs values

Merge Continuation Sheets and Sub Board pages into main cert.

Save forms to cloud

Email PDF certificates to your customers


Certificates included in software 

BS 7671 Electrical Forms
18th Edition
Click to view

BS 5839-6: 2019 Fire Detection and Alarm System Forms

BS 5839-1: 2017 Fire Detection and Alarm System Forms

Emergency Lighting Forms  BS 5266-1:2016

Portable Appliance Test Sheets

Electrical Equipment Formal Visual and Combined Inspection And Test Record



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