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About Us

Hollycroft Software Ltd was founded by Roy Armstrong I Eng. MIIE in 1998.  Today, we help hundreds of contractors produce professional looking office documentation fast.

The software is a culmination of over on-going development by the Hollycroft team and the input of the hundreds of contractors using our software. We have received many accolades including gaining the prestigious top product award in the Professional Electrician and Installer magazine.




Tremendous, Over the last 10 years, organising paperwork for contracts with the MOD used to take me weeks to prepare and get ready.  Now with the aid of Hollycroft software. I can get it all done in a week. And at the meetings the MOD are impressed that for a small company how accurate and up to date our presentations are, especially against bigger companies. Of course we don't let them know the groundwork is Hollycroft's.”

Bernard Douglas

AES (Birmingham )Ltd


“I would like to highly commend your electrical software package.

I have found it to be extremely cost effective, when compared to other products available and exceedingly easy to use which is refreshing. Also since starting to use the software I can honestly say it has saved me a large amount of time on the admin side of things and it has also helped to give a much more professional appearance to quotations etc, the other very important thing that it enables you to do easily is to track labour & material costs on contracts and therefore highlights any discrepancies in quotations.”

Graham Albery

G & A Marketing Services


“I was looking for some software to manage my inspection & testing forms and job management and came across Hollycroft Software, downloaded the software and it was just what I was looking for. Easy to use and the guys at Hollycroft are very helpful Thanks guys! I will tell my friends in the industry about your software.”

Geoffrey Hugo



“This software has made the laborious job of test sheets so much easier and  professional looking, and the after sales service is excellent.  I am still discovering the other facilities apart from 17th edition sheets, like Cable Calc. Well worth the outlay.”

Les Baker

LDB Electrical Ltd

Dudley, West Midlands

“The software has helped me greatly in organising my paperwork and Job Management”

Andrew Taylor



Thanks to everyone at Hollycroft for the great software package. I have had my MCS inspection today and passed with no non conformances. It took me two evenings to sort my paperwork out from scratch.  A lifesaver for an electrician who struggles with paperwork. That is 3 times you have helped with my paperwork, the Gas Installer software, Electrical Contractor software and now PV software.”

Matthew Butler

MPB Gas & Electrical

Electrical Ltd